Additional Projects in the VIU MeTA DH Lab

Religion, Rhetoric and American Colonialism

Project Lead: Anna Atkinson (VIU, Dept. of English)

Online Editions of Colonial American Documents with Live Links to Biblical Sources and Resources.

Race, Gender and the Colonial Girl

Project Lead: Terri Doughty (VIU, Dept. of English)

Visual and Print Text in Robina Crusoe and Her Lonely Island Home, a Girl’s Own Paper Serial from 1884.

Re-visioning the Past

Project Lead: Sally Carpentier (VIU, Dept. of English)

TEI encoded Douglas Treaties.

Creative Cloud Computing

Project Lead: Richard J. Lane (VIU, Dept. of English)

Utilizing Android Tablet Computers & Dynamic Connectivity Modes in Undergraduate Research.

Open Invitation

We invite participants to apply to join the MeTA research project as collaborative researchers or to make use of the MeTA Digital Humanities Lab for research projects exploring the graphic surface of texts.

Please send us a short description of your proposed project.


Lab Location

Building 340, Room 136

900 Fifth Street

Nanaimo, B.C.

Canada V9R 5S5